An "Alt-Right" demonstration in Washington, D.C. Photo: Susan Melkisethian

Native Sun News Today Editorial: Donald Trump unleashes racism in America

Exposing the wart on America’s racist face

By Native Sun News Today Editorial Board

Racism has never left America. It has always been there lurking in the shadows.

Now it has been unleashed by Donald “He is not my president” Trump. By consciously supporting the actions of the white supremacy and Nazi marchers at Charlottesville, Virginia, he opened the floodgates for all of the heretofore closeted bigots to stream out into the open.

By speaking out about the removal and destruction of statues dedicated to the heroes of the Confederacy, he is once again showing his total lack of historical knowledge. Those statues were constructed mostly in the South as tributes to men who rebelled against the Government of the United States. They fought desperately to ensure that human being could be used as slaves to be sold at auctions like heads of cattle, to be beaten, raped and abused by rich white Southern plantation holders.

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