The Cayuga Lake Trading Store in Seneca Falls, New York. Photo: Cayuga Lake Trading Store
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Cayuga Nation leaders win control of tribal assets as internal fight continues

A leadership dispute within the Cayuga Nation appears to be far from settled despite intervention by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

In July, the BIA recognized Clint Halftown and his allies as the leaders of the tribe. But a rival group known as the Unity Council has refused to vacate tribally-owned businesses and properties and turn over other tribal assets.

Halftown has since won a decision in state court requiring the Unity Council to vacate five properties, The Auburn Citizen reported. But the decision has been stayed through September 26 while the rivals pursue an appeal of the BIA's action in federal court, the paper said.

According to the paper, the businesses that have been controlled by the Unity County include a gas station and convenience store in Seneca Falls. Halftown's faction has maintained control of a different set of businesses.

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