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Native Sun News Today Editorial: President Trump is tearing the Republican Party, and America, down

The birth of ‘fascism’ in America

By Native Sun News Today Editorial Board

The cartoon character known as Bugs Bunny had it right when he talked about people with no sense. He always said, “What a maroon.”

And that is about as good a way as any to describe today’s Republican Party, “What a bunch of maroons!” Even when he was Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said after a meeting with Trump, “What a fricking moron.”

Donald Trump, their leader, has set about tearing down everything that it took 50 years to build and he’s not done yet. Give him another 6 months and he will have dismantled food stamps, welfare, clean air, protection of National Parks from corporate destruction and more. And he is doing all of this right under the nose of the “maroons” who voted for him and the Republican Party that has suddenly gone blind to all of the high standards it once possessed.

Trump would not have been able to do any of the terrible things he has done without a Party that enables him. It is even hard to write this editorial because who knows what lies beyond tomorrow. Every day one shoe drops and we are faced with another crisis. It has turned many Americans into basket cases of anxiety.

Are we finally heading into the home stretch of his administration? It has been our contention that in the end it will be the “women” who bring him down.

What is normal and what is not? Morality has been thrown out of the window and the very Evangelicals that have screamed to the high heavens about everything they perceive to be bad about America have climbed into bed with the devil himself. The words Christian values have turned into a sick joke under Trump.


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