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Native Sun News Today: Oyate Today television show reaches broader audience

Oyate Today television show debuts on South Dakota Public Broadcasting
By Richie Richards
Native Sun News Today Correspondent

PIERRE – After a year and a half of airing on a local TV station in Rapid City, the Oyate Today show has made its debut on South Dakota Public Broadcasting (PBS).

Oyate Today made its debut on KEVN Black Hills Fox in 2017. The idea of the show came from Tim Giago who used to do a weekly show on KEVN in the 1970s called The First Americans.

Tim and Jackie Giago approached Chris Gross, the station manager, and sold him the idea of doing the show with the caveat that they had to raise the money in order for the show to air. Jackie set out to find sponsors and although it was a tough go in Rapid City she did find enough sponsors to get the show on the air.

Originally filmed at the Dahl Fine Arts building near downtown Rapid City, the show soon moved its production to Prairie Edge with host, Richie Richards, in the fall of 2017.

Oyate Today has been a local hit show in Rapid City and has been featured on KEVN Black Hills Fox for the last year and a half. Over the weekend, the program premiered on South Dakota Public Broadcasting. The producers of the show are Tim and Jackie Giago. Photo courtesy Native Sun News Today

Prairie Edge Owner, Ray Hillenbrand, and General Manager, Dan Tribby, have been very supportive of Oyate Today. The historic building provides a perfect backdrop for a show featuring the traditional storytelling of contemporary leaders in business, literature, arts, and culture. The show continues to be filmed at Prairie Edge and the staff appreciate the filming which takes place there every other Thursday.

The overall mission of Oyate Today has been to tell the positive stories of local leaders. Often times, these leaders work behind the scenes on projects of community interest and wish to remain anonymous in the impact they have on the community. Producers and hosts have worked closely with guests to get them to open up and let down their humble guard; this is done so others can be inspired by their work and can show appreciation for local leadership.

A good example of those working quietly to change the lives of others were the special guests featured on the premiere of Oyate Today on South Dakota Public Broadcasting on Sunday, February 17 at 11 a.m. (MT). Roxanne and Anna Quinn. Roxanne is a volunteer at the Hope Center in Rapid City and Quinn is the former-Executive Director.

These two have been working with the homeless population in Rapid City and have been providing a certain maternal relationship to many who have been utilizing the services of this highly needed facility in Rapid City. Featured on the show was Francis Rencountre, a homeless man who survived many years on the streets and finally found a permanent home in 2018; he was grateful for the support of Andre’ and Quinn for their support.

Oyate Today will continue to be featured on KEVN Black Hills Fox on Saturday nights at 10 p.m. (MT) in Rapid City and will begin to build a statewide audience on South Dakota Public Broadcasting on Sunday mornings at 11 a.m. (MT).


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