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Winston Churchill’s feelings toward people of India revealed

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As a member of the country’s minority group, I can swear on the fact that racial intolerance is everywhere.

Bigotry was once controlled, now it controls and directs government at all levels, law enforcement, education, and the private sector. I have felt its stinging presence many times over throughout my life. Sometimes I manage to tolerate such incidents and other times, I cannot.

In recent times, racism is practiced in open and arrogant ways. For example, Euro-Americans call the police on minorities for the most frivolous things like walking in the city park. White law enforcement officers killing minorities regardless of age and still continue with their employment. Racist rape perpetrators are forgiven.

A more subtle discriminatory event is when a Euro-American employee follows you around in a popular store, sometimes calling security and being escorted out. Another is to apply for an advertised job with a business and be told all positions have been filled or thank you for applying and never get back with you. I’ve seen city and county law enforcement officers with that “go ahead make my day” look.

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I have to remind myself constantly now about where such people originated. They basically, fled similar persecution from their native homelands in Europe and came here to find their own niche. They did so by genocidal tactics and are working to keep it. I’m not trying to incite a race riot. I’m merely venting my inner-most feelings. I try but it is very difficult to be content in this environment.

Anyway, I must say it is difficult to determine whether an incident is racist. Let me try to explain. I heard about this "Facebook jail" but never thought I’d be an "inmate" someday. I learned a few days later that I was back on. There was no reactivation notice but was certainly notified when I was temporarily inactivated.

I was notified that I was temporarily “blocked” from participating on Facebook on October 9, 2019, for violating their policy on nudity. I had re-posted an old photograph of some severely emaciated and starving Indians, the real “Indians.” I’m assuming the photo was of a family, a man, a woman, and two children. All of them were gaunt and looked like poorly dressed skeletons.

Anyway, the photo was posted by another Facebook member and I simply reposted it because I believe we should all be apprised of history, provided it is the truth. After some research, I found a book titled Churchill’s Secret War: The British Empire and the Ravaging of India during World War II (2010). The author, Madhusree Mukerjee, an American writer and science journalist, was born in West Bengal.

I’m looking for the book now and until I find it I can only assume the photo was taken during the little known Bengal Famine of 1943 where millions died of starvation and famine related diseases during World War II. These millions died of starvation and malaria aggravated by malnutrition, population displacement, unsanitary conditions and lack of health care. The causes of the Bengal Famine included bad harvests and the war. Britain’s defense against Nazi invasion attempts created these shortages.

However, Mukerjee reveals a comment by Winston Churchill that reflects the sheer neglect of British government towards Indians and their plight. “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion. The famine was their own fault for breeding like rabbits.” This makes this famine much more complex in terms of racial intolerance and colonization.


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