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Elizabeth Cook-Lynn: The GOP has no sense of shame

Native Sun News Today Columnist

The striking thing about the Impeachment process is that there is no shame in the halls of the government of this great nation. Without Shame, there is no sense of decency.

Seeing American citizens in the US  Senate (they call themselves Republicans) defend a president who,  evidence shows,  committed a treasonous act  while in office,  and obstructed justice  can best  be described as  like living in shame but recoiling from admitting its interior horror.

The lack of the ability by public officials to feel shame and the inability of seeking strategies toward legal justice is an astounding image to witness.   It is a failure to understand what makes us human beings. 

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn. Courtesy photo

You have to look at the images on the internet showing white men, men of supposed power and status, with their arms crossed, sitting in their comfortable senate seats with yellow “fidget spinners” in their hands thumbing and turning a child’s toy of distraction.  When the spinner stops, the grown man smiles knowing he is guilty of nothing, and spins again.

This toy-spinning is an atrocious display of nothingness from indecent Peoples who disguise themselves as the source of pride and as well as a place to discover oneself.    It is nothing but the expression by an uncultivated and contemptuous regime… a political party gone bad. And we who are witnesses see a declining nation’s interior pain.  

When the dirt settles, the speaker explains that the president is guilty of nothing.   There is no recognition that the sell-out by this leader and his whole act has been a shameful atrocity, almost like leading a passive animal pack in attacking the last moments of a dark mass.   Some who want to trivialize this volatile behavior call it “his shtick."

Lakota and Dakotas are reminded that the role of shame in our cultures is a time-honored way to show our human-ness.   It is,   in fact,   what traditionals might say is the panoply of human emotions,   an impressive array of actual expression of human feelings:   remorse, terror, pity, regret, love, pride, rage, even reprisal.   


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