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Native Sun News Today: Northern Cheyenne cancels pow wows, rodeos due to coronavirus

LAME DEER, Montana -- Friday, May 15, 2020 eight members of the Tribal Council issued a public letter to Cheyenne Tribal members announcing that all Pow Wows, Rodeos and other public events which normally take place on the Reservation from Memorial Day through Veterans Day are cancelled. This is an additional measure to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

The letter, however, was not signed by two Council members, the Tribal Vice-President or Tribal President and the action was apparently made during a special Executive Session of the Tribal Council. It is not clear if this action is supported by Tribal Resolution or Ordinance.

To date, there are no confirmed cases of the virus on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, but several are confirmed in nearby Lodge Grass on the Crow Reservation, a short distance from the Northern Cheyenne boundary. Those affected are now under quarantine and Lodge Grass in largely now in lock down status.

A list of events being canceled on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation has been widely distributed on social media.

The letter was first disseminated through Facebook via the personal account of Council Member Lane Spotted Elk and has since been re-enforced by public posters.

The events that are specifically cancelled include: Memorial Day Pow Wow, Lame Deer: White River Days, Busby and Commemorative Ride to the Battle of the Little Big Horn; 4th of July Chiefs Pow Wow and Parade, Lame Deer; 4th of July Rodeo, Lame Deer; Labor Day Pow Wow and Parade, Ashland; Boy’s and Girl’s Club Pow Wow, Lame Deer and Veteran’s Day Pow Wow, Birney.

In addition, the Tribal Council encouraged tribal members to be cautious during travel, specifically urging them to avoid other tribal events, specifically mentioning Crow Native Days events; Rocky Boy’s Pow Wow and Rodeo; Wind River/Arapaho Days; Crow Fair; INFR tour and regional rodeos and Ha Sapa Wacipi in Rapid City.


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