The U.S. Capitol is seen behind security fencing and barbed wire. Photo by Indianz.Com (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
Republicans who voted against the COVID Relief Bill; the Democrats are coming for your jobs
Thursday, March 18, 2021

Every Republican senator voted against the Covid Relief Bill. What did they vote against?

Money to save mortgages on homes and to keep people in their rentals.

$1,400 for individual Americans who are really suffering now.

Loans to help small businesses survive.

Money to fight the COVID-19 with vaccines and testing.

Money to help school re-open

Tax breaks for the poor and money for poor children.

And more.

This was a bill for the people, not for the politicians. Since when did South Dakotans send people to Washington to vote against bills that would help all South Dakotans, especially the folks living on the Indian reservations?

It seems that Senators John Thune and Mike Rounds and Congressman Rusty Johnson still refuse to accept the fact the Donald Trump lost the election. He is a loser so get over it.

Joe Biden is now President of the United States and as representatives of the people of South Dakota all of you Republicans have to learn to work with Biden in order to get anything done for America or for South Dakota. He offered you his hand for the sake of the people, but you slapped it down just as you slapped the faces of your constituents.

The horrible riots and deaths on January 6 in Washington could have been avoided if some of the gutless Republicans would have stood tall and said, “We agree that Trump has the right to object to the election results, but we also believe that it was a fair election and Joe Biden won.”

That is all they had to say, but by remaining silent, or worse yet listening to a whining loser shouting “They stole the election” and repeating his lies you have done great damage to your own country. What is it that Donald Trump hold over our elected officials?

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