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Navajo Nation Office of President and Vice President: Bearsun in Indian Wells, Arizona
Navajo Nation welcomes Bearsun on walk across United States
Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Bearsun has arrived on the Navajo Nation as he walks across the United States, raising awareness for health and environmental issues.

Bearsun met with President Jonathan Nez on Tuesday, on the Arizona portion of the reservation. He was given the Navajo language translation of his name.

Shush means bear. Jóhonaaʼéí means sun,” Nez said as he formally welcomed Bearsun to the Navajo Nation in Indian Wells, Arizona.

Bearsun, who is portrayed by Jesse Larios, began his cross-country journey in Los Angeles, California, in early July. He is walking to New York City, New York, to raise money for mental health, autism, cancer, environmental defense and the disabled community.

“We welcome Bearsun to the Great Navajo Nation with open arms and we thank him for raising awareness for issues that impact American citizens, including many Navajo individuals and families,” said Nez. “We also thank the Navajo people for showing outstanding hospitality as Bearsun travel across our beautiful and sacred Nation.”

So far, Bearsun has posted photos and a video from his time on the Navajo Nation. He is making his way toward Window Rock, the tribal capital, where Nez’s office said another welcome event is being planned.

“Let us support and pray for Bearsun, his purpose, and his journey,” said Nez. Bearsun is wearing a pair of moccasins as he walks through the reservation, the largest in the U.S.

In April, Bearsun walked from Los Angeles to San Francisco in California. The journey took about two weeks.