Indianz.Com Video: ‘This is my last post’: Modern Warrior (@modern_warrior) exits TikTok
In The Hoop: ‘This is my last post’
Native creator who fell from grace departs TikTok
Tuesday, March 22, 2022

What’s going on with Lance Tsosie, who was once the most popular creator on “Native” TikTok? Find out from In The Hoop, Indianz.Com’s newsletter on Substack!

Sure, the main focus of is Pretendian Country Today. But careful readers jumped for joy after seeing that the logo reads “News from In The Hoop – Indianz.Com” so there you go. #iykyk

Pretendian Country Today - News from In The Hoop - Indianz.Com
Pretendian Country Today – News from In The Hoop – Indianz.Com –

Anyway, back to Tsosie aka @modern_warrior, who once boasted 3.1 million followers on TikTok. He coined the phrase “Hey, Colonizer” as he sought to discuss issues like cultural appropriation, anti-Indian racism and #LandBack. Let’s just say it’s been controversial.

But in less than a month, Tsosie has fallen from grace. After being accused of sexual misconduct by two other creators on TikTok, his follower count plummeted to a measly 2.7 million. Talk about a bad day.

Long story short. All this drama is why Tsosie, who hails from the Navajo Nation Nation, is leaving TikTok. He’s exhausted, y’all!

“I’m just sooooo tired,” Tsosie said in his farewell video, which is not visible to the general public because his account is now private. He also set the video to “Followers only” so not everyone can see it.

So you’ll have to watch it on In The Hoop if you’re curious and if you want to find out where Modern Warrior is heading! Hint: It’s not very far from the internet.