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Native America Calling: The benefits of Indigenous mental health and wellness
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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

The benefits of Indigenous mental health and wellness
Modern medicine relies heavily on pharmaceutical remedies for many mental health disorders like depression and anxiety.

But there is some evidence that traditional ceremony and cultural connections can also provide a measure of healing. There is hope that adherence to traditional methods might be part of a regimen to improve the outsized representation of Native people for outcomes such as suicide and substance abuse.

They may even be linked to improving some physical health maladies.

Guests on Native America Calling
Dr. Joseph Gone (A’aniiih Gros Ventre), professor of anthropology and global health & social medicine at Harvard University, clinical community psychologist, and president of the Society of Indian Psychologists

Dr. Melissa Lewis (Cherokee), assistant professor at University of Missouri

Jonathan Tsosie (Navajo), first year UNM medical student

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