Thunderous by M.L. Smoker and Natalie Peeterse
The Lakota storytelling of “Thunderous” seeks to honor Indigenous traditions.

Sage Mountainflower
Native America Calling speaks with the artists about the direction of inventive Indigenous fashion.

Rutherford Falls - Season 2
Rutherford Falls, the groundbreaking television show featuring Native talent and Native writers, is back for a second season.

StrongHearts Native Helpline
A prominent Native artist is accused of serious — potentially criminal — conduct with young women he’s crossed paths with.

Bethany Yellowtail
One of Indian Country’s most well-known fashion designers is under fire after unveiling a new collection that bears striking similarities to another Native artist’s work.

nativeamericacalling nac
Both big name Native acts and up-and-coming artists are sharing the bill with the Native Guitars Tour.

Native Guitars Tour
Both big name Native acts and up-and-coming artists are sharing the bill with the Native Guitars Tour.

American Indian Hall
Montana State University’s new American Indian Hall has become the first building in Montana to earn the highest LEED Platinum certification.

StrongHearts Native Helpline
A prominent photographer who built a sizable following online with posts featuring Native women and girls is stepping out of the spotlight after survivors came forward with accounts of trauma.

Akisa 2022
An ambitious showcase of Native talent devolved into controversy and recrimination as performers and vendors were left in the dark about the event.

Spiro Mounds
Great cities abounded in ancient Native America, including the Spiro Mounds in eastern Oklahoma.

'Faces From the Interior'
“Faces From the Interior” at the Joslyn Art Museum in Nebraska features Native perspectives on portraits of their people.

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Pivot at Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
Native graphics and images are at the heart of a new art exhibition at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in New Mexico.

nativeamericacalling nac
Native talent is largely absent from this year’s Oscars, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some standout work on screens.

Kindred Spirits
This St. Patrick’s Day, let’s explore the historic links between Ireland and Native nations.

Outcropping - Indigenous Art Now
Shinnecock Nation artists feature prominently in an all-Indigenous exhibition in New York.

Regan Loggans, also known as Regan de Loggans
The leader of New York City’s most prominent and vocal Indigenous group is changing their story after being asked about their tribal affiliation claims.

Cynthia Chavez Lamar
When Cynthia Chavez Lamar took the helm of the National Museum of the American Indian, she became the first Native woman to serve as a Smithsonian museum director.

Pawnee, Oklahoma
A growing number of Indian Country organizations are distancing themselves from Walter Roy Echo-Hawk Jr. following revelations of the criminal charge against the prominent artist.

Cherokee Nation Film Office
Together, we are changing the narrative about Native peoples and culture.

Pawnee County Courthouse
A prominent Indian Country artist has been charged in connection with an incident involving a minor.

Indigi-Genius is a new public television series explores the contributions of Indigenous knowledge.

Nāpua Greig
Nāpua Greig, a Native Hawaiian musician and educator, offers an opening song at a Senate Committee on Indian Affairs oversight hearing.

Cherokee Nation Film Office
The Cherokee Nation is launching a program to provide up to $1 million in incentives for productions filmed on the tribe’s reservation.

Sovereign Table
“Sovereign Table” explores the concepts, challenges and opportunities of the food sovereignty movement in Montana.

Long Line of Ladies
The Sundance Film Festival features a wide range of films from Native creators.

nativeamericacalling nac
Join Native America Calling to get tips from the pros about what it takes to be a face in the movie crowd.

With a dialogue entirely in the Blackfeet language, a new film is an exercise in language revitalization.

Eunique Yazzie Jessie YazzieMelissa Yazzie Elizabeth Zingg
Cahokia in Phoenix, Arizona, touts itself as the first modern Indigenous art and social space owned by women.

Keith Secola
Join Native America Calling to celebrate a great year in Native music!

In this encore presentation, Native America Calling will get remembrances from those who were at Woodstock and what the experience means to them now.

Pure Grit
The documentary film “Pure Grit” follows a young champion as she competes in the exhilarating and dangerous sport of Indian horse relay racing.

Alaskan Nets
The documentary film ‘Alaskan Nets’ follows the quest of a pair of athletes from the Metlakatla Reservation.

“The Diné Reader: An Anthology of Navajo Literature” brings together many voices to speak about the life and culture of the Diné Nation.

Reservation Dogs
The all-Native “Reservation Dogs” is up for a major television award after its debut season.

Joanne Shenandoah
She had a bright voice like liquid gold, a luminous heart and a magnetic smile. Joanne Shenandoah-Tekaliwakwa was a multi-talented musician, humanitarian and matriarch.

The Indigenous artistry of Inuksuk Mackay (Inuit) and Tiffany Ayalik (Inuit) comes together as PIQSIQ.

Pike Place Market
A Washington man who claims to be a Native artist has been charged with violating the Indian Arts and Crafts Act and for illegally possessing eagle feathers and other bird parts.

White House Tribal Nations Summit
The Joe Biden administration concludes the White House Tribal Nations Summit on November 16, 2021.