"We Are All Related - Mitakuye Owasin" by Jessie Taken Alive-Rencountre
A growing number of Native writers are turning to self-publishing — and there’s a number of supportive organizations and independent publishers that can help.

Northern Cree
Forty years after four brothers first came together as Northern Cree, they are releasing their first fully self-published and owned record.

Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe Museum and Visitors Center
Tribal museums offer a Native voice for Native history and bring the promise of economic development.

Jim Thorpe on the Sovereignty Run
Everything changed for hip-hop artist Tall Paul when he first heard about iconic athlete Jim Thorpe.

Phoenix Suns OrigiNativ
At a time when some holdout sports teams ignore calls to end problematic mascots and imagery, some teams are turning to Native designers for appropriate designs.

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Forever Cousins and Look Grandma
A number of new Native children’s books make great bedtime stories, especially for those hungry little book worms.

Cherokee Indian Fair
The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians held its 110th Cherokee Indian Fair after two years of cancellations due to the pandemic.

The Museum at Warm Springs
At The Museum at Warm Springs, we celebrate our unique cultures, traditions, histories, arts and languages every month.

Sacheen Littlefeather / Marie Louise Cruz
“Pretendianism” – the act of falsely claiming American Indian heritage – does real harm.

A group of Inuit teenage girls face off against murderous aliens that inhabit the bodies of people and animals in a new film.

Kim Peone
Kim Peone (Colville/Eastern Cherokee) served as executive director of SWAIA for 2 1/2 years.

Madeline Sayet
Traditional Mohegan stories and William Shakespeare don’t automatically come to mind as complimentary influences. But Madeline Sayet draws on these and other creative forces for her work.

A new Netflix show for preschoolers features all Native writers, including showrunner and creator Karissa Valencia.

Cherokee Nation Anna Mitchell Cultural & Welcome Center
Our tribal culture and history connect us to the past, to all our ancestors who went before us, and it is what guides us toward our collective future.

Native America Calling NAC
Friday on Native America Calling, Shawn Spruce hears from Native authors and poets as they discuss works on the Native Bookshelf.

Joely Proudfit
A prominent tribe with powerful connections has taken the unusual step of denouncing an educator and scholar who has long identified herself as a descendant of the community.

Kevin Locke
Kevin Locke — renowned hoop dancer, flute player and educator of Lakota language and culture — passed away suddenly at the age of 68.

Black Hills Powwow
Once again, the heartbeat of Ina Maka will reverberate throughout the Black Hills at the 34th Annual He Sapa Wacipi Na Oskate.

The Pretendians
A new documentary tackles a topic that continues to generate controversy. Why are so many people claiming to be Indian?

Cherokee Nation
To ensure that Cherokee culture remains strong and vibrant far into the future, we need to get behind our artists today.

Native People of the Plains POP Fest
Musicians from all genres and walks of life graced the stage at the Native People of the Plains POP Fest.

Medicine Horse
As summer wanes, Andi Murphy welcomes the beginning of autumn with a Native music sampler.

Native America Calling NAC
Anime, a style of Japanese animation, is wildly popular everywhere.

Dakota Beavers
A star of the hit film Prey wants to find out the “truth” about his supposed tribal ancestry. But Hollywood studios don’t share the same commitment.

Melody McArthur
TheRA11N, Pooky G and She Rōz are some of the artists who won big this year at the annual International Indigenous Hip Hop Awards.

Navajo Blanket
Indigenous hues carry meaning, stories, and emotion. Learn more on an encore presentation of Native America Calling.

Jamie Okuma
Artists from hundreds of Native nations are tending to their booths in the streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico, selling works they’ve labored for months to prepare.

Santa Fe Indian Market
The Southwestern Association for Indian Arts marks the 100th Santa Fe Indian Market, a place to buy works directly from Native creators.

Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley’s profound popularity continues to resonate with many Native music fans.

Grounded in Clay: The Spirit of Pueblo Pottery
For the first time in a century, Native people have a voice in how a massive collection of pottery is treated.

Okpik: Little Village in the Arctic
A film crew follows an Inuit and Gwich’in hunter as he builds a traditional Inuvialuit log cabin off the grid.

“Prey” features Native talent and the Comanche language. It’s now streaming on Hulu.

Kendra Potter - Daughter of a Lost Bird
A new documentary applies a wide-angle lens to a personal story of adoption and assimilation of an Indian child.

Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial
The city of Gallup, New Mexico, is marking 100 years of celebrating the region’s Indigenous culture with events like a parade and traditional song and dance.

Chuck Hoskin Jr.
The Cherokee Nation Film Office has continued to break barriers and bring significant transformations to Indian Country.

Dances With Wolves (1990)
Today on Native America Calling, Shawn Spruce remembers the Native ’90s as part of the “Through The Decades” series.

Michael Toya Mural at Nativo Lodge
A number of Native artists are among those perfecting the growing trend of public murals.

Louis Still Smoking
“IndigenEyes: Contemporary Native American Art of the Rocky Mountain West” represents a collaboration between Montana State University and the Little Shell Chippewa Tribe.

Heart of Claremore Mural
Public art ensures that all people on our reservation, whether they live here or are just visiting, can find beauty and curiosity about the Cherokee people’s rich heritage.