Manitou Cliff Dwellings
Native America Calling will learn about the importance of encouraging tourism and other experiences that originate from Native sources.

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Sage Mountainflower
Native America Calling speaks with the artists about the direction of inventive Indigenous fashion.

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Bethany Yellowtail
One of Indian Country’s most well-known fashion designers is under fire after unveiling a new collection that bears striking similarities to another Native artist’s work.

#NAFOA40th in Illustrations by Matt Orley
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New Mexico Roundhouse
New Mexico is the latest to allow recreational cannabis sales setting up a potential new revenue stream for tribal nations. But there are some legal hurdles.

Raúl Grijalva
A Democratic-led bill to strengthen the policy of tribal consultation has hit a snag on Capitol Hill, leaving some supporters wondering about its future.

Pueblo of Picuris
“My people, my community, we’ve been targets. But the intention is to grow cannabis here,” said Gov. Craig Quanchello of the Pueblo of Picuris.

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'Indians Allowed'
Racist comments from a business owner brought quick responses from the Native community and other establishments on Sioux Nation territory.

Deb Haaland
Indian Country’s economic health is vastly more important than scoring partisan points.

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'Indians Allowed'
The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is calling on the Department of Justice to investigate a business that has banned Native patrons.

'Indians Allowed'
The people of the Dakota, Lakota and Nakota nations came together to take a stand against racism and discrimination on their homelands.

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Indians Allowed
A series of troubling incidents appears to harken to a time of unchecked discrimination, racism and basic disregard for Native people.

nativeamericacalling nac
What’s on The Menu? Join Native America Calling’s resident foodie Andi Murphy to find out!

nativeamericacalling nac
Affording the basics is becoming harder every day as inflation continues to creep higher.

Harold Frazier
When those wagons first began their way to break treaties and settle on our territory we were classified as lesser beings and genocide was justified as such.

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Legislative Hearing to receive testimony on S. 1397, S. 3168, S. 3308, S. 3443, S. 3773 & S. 3789
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs holds a legislative hearing on six bills on March 23, 2022.

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Red Lake Nation
The Red Lake Nation is making history as the first in Indian Country to win federal approval for its energy development organization.

Buy Native American: Federal Support for Native Business Capacity Building and Success
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs holds an oversight hearing titled “Buy Native American: Federal Support for Native Business Capacity Building and Success.”

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Cherokee Nation
Tribal leaders are hopeful for more economic development opportunities through long-overdue updates to the Buy Indian Act.

American Indian Coalition and the Tennessee Ancient Sites Conservancy
For several months, the Native community and allies have been conducting a campaign to slow down the development of the East Bank of the Cumberland River that flows through Nashville.

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Scott Badenoch
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Solar Panels - Moapa Band of Paiute Indians
The Moapa Band of Paiute Indians is on a roll when it comes to solar energy on tribal homelands in Nevada.

Flaring North Dakota
The Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota, home to a massive amount of natural gas flaring, is battling for regulatory control over this wasteful practice.

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Pinyon Plain Mine formerly known as Canyon Mine
A federal appeals court ruled that a uranium mine near the Grand Canyon can operate, even though it sits on land declared off-limits to new mining.

Shut Down DAPL
“The fight is not over, the fight for our water, for the unborn and for Mother Earth,” said Chairwoman Janet Alkire of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

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5G Phone
5G wireless technology promises to revolutionize everything from business transactions to online gaming but what about Indian Country?

Mark Madrid, Isabella Guzman and JacksonBrossy
The Navajo Nation is hosting the leader of the Small Business Administration for her first visit to the largest reservation in the United States.

Whiteclay Leadership Summit
A tiny town once known for being a destructive source of alcohol for Pine Ridge Reservation residents, could be a model of hope and healing.

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nativeamericacalling nac
Investing in crypto-currency has never been more accessible and it’s a viable option for Native people to build wealth.