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There’s been a continuing stream of prominent people who initially benefitted from their Indigenous identity but were forced to backtrack when those claims couldn’t be documented.

We must have the women take charge in Mohawk society.

A Canadian company has been dealt a setback in efforts to develop an area known as Paradise Valley.

Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto once again took the world by storm, only virtually this time around.

Kyle Edwards, managing editor of Native News Online, will spend the coming year focusing on the impacts of COVID-19 in Native communities.

The crisis of murdered and missing Indigenous women, children, and Two Spirits has had significant impacts on Indigenous communities.

colonizer theft of indigenous children #3Rs
Children have been stolen from Indigenous communities for generations.

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Ongoing violence marks a dispute over treaty rights and commercial lobster fishing in Nova Scotia.

In January 2020, Canada began accepting claims emerging from a billion-dollar settlement with survivors of Indian day schools.

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The LANDBACK campaign calls out the social and political structures built on stolen land and advocates for returning land to Native nations.

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In the last moments of her life, Joyce Echaquan, from the Atikamekw Nation in Canada, recorded hospital staff taunting her with racist comments.