Myaamia Forced Removal
Indigenous Peoples Day marked the day 175 years ago when Myaamia tribal citizens were forcibly removed from their homelands near the campus of Miami University in Ohio.

Mary Toya
“The Department of the Interior mourns with Secretary Deb Haaland as she and her family grieve the loss of her mother,” a statement read.

Aaron Payment
This past week was significant with the first presidential proclamation for Indigenous Peoples’ Day but the news unfortunately eclipsed another major policy announcement from President Joe Biden.

Doug George-Kanentiio
True peace will come about when Native residential school children, now buried, arise and are returned to the embrace of their ancestors in their home territories.

Sophia Marjanovic
A Native woman is speaking out after a video showing her confronting Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Arizona) has drawn millions of views, and sparked outrage, on social media.

Memorial to Residential School Children
The education system needs to help teachers address, repair and heal education towards and beyond reconciliation.

Joy Harjo
Joy Harjo, the first Native woman to serve as the nation’s poet laureate, has begun her historic third term — an honor previously bestowed only once.

After two years, we’re excited to see our community in person.

Pine Ridge Reservation
Experts say intergenerational trauma, dating to the colonization of North America, adds to the problem of child sexual abuse in Indian Country.

MSU Montana State University
Montana State University’s annual American Indian Heritage Day focuses on efforts to recover and return the remains of children who died at Indian boarding schools.

Cherokee Nation
Our collective future is being written today by the investments we make in our youngest children.

Dubbing Star Wars
A long time ago on Indigenous land far, far away…

Norma LeRoy, Alice Johnson
A Lakota mother is trying to understand why a school secretary cut her two little girls’ hair without her consent. And then, days later, did it again.

First Americans Museum
After years of start-and-stop planning and construction, the First Americans Museum of Oklahoma is opening to the public.

Chuck Hoskin Jr.
To grow the economy across the Cherokee Nation Reservation, we must be forward thinking, collaborative and willing to work across borders.

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nativeamericacalling nac
Australia is paying out close to $379 million directly to Indigenous peoples who suffered from the government’s forced removal of children from families.

The House Committee on Natural Resource is meeting to consider billions of dollars of investments in Indian Country.

A proposed change in the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act would give tribes added muscle to hold museums accountable for the ancestors they continue to keep in their collections.

Arizona National Guard
Math and reading scores in Arizona fell across the board last school year, as COVID-19 upended learning and led to a sharp drop in the number of students taking the tests.

Chuck Hoskin
As a tribe, we are building programs and making strategic investments that will benefit Cherokee citizens, families, communities and neighbors for generations to come.

Arizona National Guard
Arizona is on pace to record its 1 millionth COVID-19 infection and health experts fear that kids in schools and the looming Labor Day holiday will only make matters worse.

Cherokee Nation
We have already lost far too many beloved community members to this disease.

Orange Shirt Day
People ask why the residential-boarding school survivors, their respective families and supporters wear orange.

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Shawnee Language Program
The Shawnee language is in danger of becoming extinct, but COVID-19 and a switch to remote education open the door for revival.

nativeamericacalling nac
Native students are heading back into classrooms. But COVID-19 is still with us.

Harold Frazier
They have tried to exterminate or assimilate us and they have failed.

nativeamericacalling nac
South Dakota’s Department of Education drastically reduced the number of references to Native people in school social studies standards.

Repatriation of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Children at Carlisle Indian Industrial School
The sordid history of the U.S. effort to bring Native children into boarding schools is, quite frankly, staggering.

Joe Commanda
Almost 2,000 Native children have been found on the grounds of former residential schools and thousands more have yet to be located.

Eric Descheenie
For opponents of Native mascots, 2021 has been a banner year. Except in Arizona.

Aaron Payment
The American Jobs Plan will bring an additional $12 billion in much-needed infrastructure to Indian Country.

Durbin Feeling Language Center
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs is meeting to advance Native language legislation.

Repatriation of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Children at Carlisle Indian Industrial School
With both grief and relief, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe welcomed the return of nine children who died at the Carlisle Indian School.

Rosebud Sioux Tribe
The Rosebud Sioux Tribe hosts funeral services in Mission, South Dakota, for nine Lakota students who died at the Carlisle Indian boarding school.

Indian Country is strongest when we work together.

Repatriation of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Children at Carlisle Indian Industrial School
The Indian community came together in Sioux City, Iowa, to welcome nine Lakota children who died at the Carlisle Indian boarding school.

Repatriation of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Children at Carlisle Indian Industrial School
Nine Lakota children began their last morning away from their homelands at the base of a bluff overlooking the Missouri River.