U.S. Supreme Court
With COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations reaching a new record high, the U.S. Supreme Court put the Biden administration’s vaccine-or-test mandate for large employers on hold, while litigation continues over its legality.

Navajo Nation
Many tribal nations did not have the broadband access needed to apply for the funding that would let them improve broadband access, the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs was told.

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Join Native America Calling to get tips from the pros about what it takes to be a face in the movie crowd.

Indian Health Service Buy Indian Act
The Indian Health Service is expanding opportunities for Indian-owned businesses with a new rule for the Buy Indian Act.

Sophie Sergie
A trial has opened into the long-unsolved case of Sophie Sergie, an Alaska Native woman who was killed at the age of 20 nearly three decades ago.

Lumbee Tribe
A supporter of federal recognition for the Lumbee Tribe made a special presentation during a hearing on Capitol Hill.

Nooksack 306
The Nooksack Tribe’s efforts to expel 306 former citizens has reached a breaking point again.

Aaron Payment
Aaron Payment, the prominent leader of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians, is losing his national positions after being censured by his board of directors.

Wozek Chandler
Wozek Chandler works to find success in the mainstream while maintaining her tribal culture and celebrating her history.

U.S. Supreme Court
The U.S. Supreme Court heard nearly four hours of oral arguments over the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

Wilma Mankiller Quarter
The Wilma Mankiller quarter features an image of the first woman elected to lead the Cherokee Nation.

Chuck Sams
In a sit-down conversation with Underscore.news, Chuck Sams, the country’s first Native American parks director, discusses the role his agency can play in better representing Indigenous people and their stories.

Lakota Times
I tell all writers then and now, if you come out to Indian Country to write about us, do your damned homework.

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs holds a roundtable discussion on January 12, 2022.

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A thriving group of Laguna Pueblo citizens maintain their tribal connections at a distance. Learn more about this unique colony on Native America Calling.

Navajo Nation
With billions of dollars in infrastructure funding in the works, the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs is looking at the lack of broadband technology in Native communities.

nativeamericacalling nac
Native political watchers are giving their insights into the major issues likely to make waves in the coming year.

Oney Roubedeaux
Indian boarding schools were established in the 19th and 20th centuries with the primary objective of assimilating Native youth by denying the use of their languages, dress and other cultural aspects.

Diné College
Rodeo events have long been a part of culture on the Navajo Nation. The COVID-19 pandemic upended the tradition.

2022 is a BIG year for NAFOA!

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Join Native America Calling to learn more out the barriers for people with a criminal past and ways to overcome them.

Deb Haaland
The Department of the Interior is soliciting nominations for a new advisory panel that will examine racist and derogatory place names.

With a dialogue entirely in the Blackfeet language, a new film is an exercise in language revitalization.

Navajo Nation
Tribal communities are once again seeing an explosion in COVID-19 cases following the busy holiday season and as a new and highly contagious variant brings upheaval to Indian Country.

Ira Matt
The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation has named a new director for its Office of Native American Affairs.

Bureau of Indian Education
The Bureau of Indian Education has unveiled its first official logo, based on a design from a student.

Yurok Tribe
In response to ongoing tragedies and increased reports of human trafficking attempts, the Yurok Tribe declared a missing and murdered Indigenous women emergency.

Albuquerque Indian School
Leaders in the largest city in New Mexico are convening a series of “community conversations” to address the harmful legacy of the Indian boarding school era.

Pleasant Point Reservation
Some residents of the Passamaquoddy Pleasant Point Reservation have either hauled water or used bottled water for years, even decades.

Indian Child Welfare Act
Tribes and their advocates are studying ways to strengthen state laws as the Indian Child Welfare Act remains in limbo in the courts.

Eunique Yazzie Jessie YazzieMelissa Yazzie Elizabeth Zingg
Cahokia in Phoenix, Arizona, touts itself as the first modern Indigenous art and social space owned by women.

The U.S. Supreme Court decision in the McGirt case is forcing significant changes in Oklahoma.

Black Elk Peak
People think nothing these days of snapping selfies and sharing it with their followers on social media. But that can be problematic on tribal land or in places considered sacred.

Keith Secola
Join Native America Calling to celebrate a great year in Native music!

In this encore presentation, Native America Calling will get remembrances from those who were at Woodstock and what the experience means to them now.

Pure Grit
The documentary film “Pure Grit” follows a young champion as she competes in the exhilarating and dangerous sport of Indian horse relay racing.

nativeamericacalling nac
Slavery, abuse, disease and massacres cut the Native population to a fifth of what it was during the Indian mission period in California.

nativeamericacalling nac
They don’t call this an Indigenous food movement for nothing.

Alaskan Nets
The documentary film ‘Alaskan Nets’ follows the quest of a pair of athletes from the Metlakatla Reservation.

nativeamericacalling nac
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