Aaron Payment
This past week was significant with the first presidential proclamation for Indigenous Peoples’ Day but the news unfortunately eclipsed another major policy announcement from President Joe Biden.

Chuck Hoskin Jr.
Our mission as tribal government leaders is always to protect our sovereignty and advance issues critical to our people.

Doug George-Kanentiio
True peace will come about when Native residential school children, now buried, arise and are returned to the embrace of their ancestors in their home territories.

Cherokee Nation
The opioid crisis affected every facet of Cherokee society, including our economy, our health system, our schools and our families.

Justice for Kozee / MMIW
The loss of an Indigenous woman’s life is all too familiar in our communities.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Violence against Indigenous women is preventable and will end when Indian Nations have the full authority of self-government.

Memorial to Residential School Children
The education system needs to help teachers address, repair and heal education towards and beyond reconciliation.

nativeamericacalling nac
Land stewardship is at the core of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, also known as ANCSA.

Lloyd Goings
When I opened an office of my newspaper in Rapid City back in the 1980s one of my frequent visitors was Lloyd Goings.

Native Vote Indian Country Counts
Today we continue the fight for our rights, until everyone in Indian Country can freely cast their ballot.

Cherokee Nation
Our collective future is being written today by the investments we make in our youngest children.

Chuck Hoskin Jr.
To grow the economy across the Cherokee Nation Reservation, we must be forward thinking, collaborative and willing to work across borders.

9/11 Memorial
The feelings I carry about being in New York City on 9/11 run through me, right under my skin, like mercury.

Chuck Hoskin Jr
The federal government has never fully met its trust responsibility to ensure that all citizens of tribal nations have quality health care.

Australian Aboriginal Flag
Many of the original survivors of the Stolen Generations have passed away without seeing justice.

Tim Giago
The Democratic Party gained many new members in Indian Country because of the man they called FDR.

Forty-six years ago, one of the greatest athletes and a true Indigenous icon, made the transition from a star on earth to a star in the sky.

StrongHearts NativeHelpline
You are the best person to judge your safety.

Chuck Hoskin
As a tribe, we are building programs and making strategic investments that will benefit Cherokee citizens, families, communities and neighbors for generations to come.

Muscogee Nation
The Muscogee Nation has repeatedly invited the Governor of Oklahoma to join forces and partner with us, but he refuses.

Flaring can be seen from a drilling rig on the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation in North Dakota. Photo by Talli Nauman / Native Sun News Today
If the National Environmental Policy Act is weakened, so is the safety of me, my family, and my people.

Wounded Knee Cemetery
Humanity mandates decisions based upon mutual consent between the United States and Native Sovereign Nations.

Cherokee Nation
We have already lost far too many beloved community members to this disease.

Orange Shirt Day
People ask why the residential-boarding school survivors, their respective families and supporters wear orange.

StrongHearts Native Helpline
When we say, “domestic violence is not traditional,” it is to remind Native Americans of a time before colonization.

Cherokee Nation
Cherokee military veterans have made great sacrifices to protect our tribal nation and the whole United States.

Harold Frazier
They have tried to exterminate or assimilate us and they have failed.

Repatriation of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe Children at Carlisle Indian Industrial School
The sordid history of the U.S. effort to bring Native children into boarding schools is, quite frankly, staggering.

Wawanosh School for Girls Memorial
All our generations exist in us and one day our ancestors will carry us home.

Joe Commanda
Almost 2,000 Native children have been found on the grounds of former residential schools and thousands more have yet to be located.

Cherokee Nation
We all have a role to play as we combat this new surge in the global pandemic.

Aaron Payment
The American Jobs Plan will bring an additional $12 billion in much-needed infrastructure to Indian Country.

When the federal government invests in Indian Country, it is not only tribal citizens who benefit.

Medicaid is a lifeline for Indian Country, plain and simple.

Cherokee Nation Election Commission
A strong and effective Cherokee Council means a strong and effective Cherokee democracy.

Cherokee Nation
We must continue to make it a priority for health care to be universally accessible for our citizens.

'Farmington is on Indian Land'
We need to organize and find out why none of these murders have been solved.

Woodland Cultural Centre / Mohawk Institute Residential School
The Akwesasne community demonstrated in the most powerful way its desire to address the terrible effects residential schools have had on the people.

When I was a boy in Rapid City, the only bald-headed men I saw were white men.