Ben Barnes
Groups claiming to be tribal sovereigns has reached a new level of concern for the Shawnee Tribe.

Native Sun News Today
We want to wish all of our readers a very Happy New Year and hope that 2022 brings you the best.

Cherokee Nation
Cherokee Nation citizens will soon have better access to world-class health care.

National Day of Mourning
Let’s give due reverence to the United American Indians of New England who since 1970 have held a “National Day of Mourning” to honor Native resilience.

Holy Rosary Mission
The unholy impact of Indian boarding schools left its mark to the detriment of thousands of Native children.

Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee Nation has outlasted many who tried to take away our sovereignty and destroy our identity as a people.

Harold Frazier
With all due respect, we call upon the Biden administration to honor the U.S. Court of Appeals decision in Rosebud Sioux Tribe v. United States.

Prairie Wind Casino
The competition is stiff in the gaming business and it is not going to get any easier for tribes.

Leonard Little Finger
I raise my coffee cup to Lakota elders who taught me so much.

Cherokee Nation
In our mission to save the Cherokee language, we cannot and we will not fail.

Joanne Shenandoah
As soon as Jo entered the room, I knew with certainty we would marry, but she did not.

Tribal Flag Raising
The Cherokee Nation has always prioritized education.

Michael Ulroan
Indigenous students have been rendered virtually invisible in higher education.

Patrick Albert Lee
It is with deep sadness that I write this small tribute to my friend of 80 years, Pat Lee.

Being Frank
Now that we know a chemical in our car tires is killing salmon, we have to act urgently to keep it out of the water.

Cherokee Nation
The workers employed by Cherokee Nation take care of all of us.

Lacy Graham
The COVID-19 epidemic has taken its toll on Native people across America.

Harold Frazier
I have just finished sitting through the White House Tribal Nations Summit and I am not impressed.

Tim Giago
From Sean Sherman aka The Sioux Chef to poet laureate Joy Harjo, here are ways you can observe Native American Heritage Month.

Cherokee Nation Color Guard
Citizens of the Cherokee Nation, like most tribes across the country, have a deep commitment to the American military.

Cherokee Nation
Cherokee citizens can celebrate not only the accomplishments of our ancestors, but also what we are doing to preserve and strengthen our unique culture.

Albuquerque Indian School
The only thing the government and the churches really understand is money.

Holy Rosary Mission
As the years pass there are not too many of the boys and girls forced to attend boarding schools still living.

Cherokee Nation
The Cherokee people are counting on us to end domestic violence on our reservation.

Pine Ridge Reservation
With deep respect, we call upon President Biden and Congress to help the most vulnerable Americans: Native Americans.

Native Veterans
For nearly two decades, the Indian Health Service and the Department of Veterans Affairs have partnered to improve the health status of American Indian and Alaska Native veterans.

Harold Frazier
Native people suffered COVID-19 at the highest rate of any group in America. We need help.

Tim Giago
I often write about the Holy Rosary Mission Boarding School and most often I only write about the bad things.

Cherokee Nation Career Services
Our people deserve every chance to support their families and pursue their dreams.

Cherokee Nation Film Office
Not very long ago, Native people were hard to find in the film industry.

Aaron Payment
This past week was significant with the first presidential proclamation for Indigenous Peoples’ Day but the news unfortunately eclipsed another major policy announcement from President Joe Biden.

Chuck Hoskin Jr.
Our mission as tribal government leaders is always to protect our sovereignty and advance issues critical to our people.

Doug George-Kanentiio
True peace will come about when Native residential school children, now buried, arise and are returned to the embrace of their ancestors in their home territories.

Cherokee Nation
The opioid crisis affected every facet of Cherokee society, including our economy, our health system, our schools and our families.

Justice for Kozee / MMIW
The loss of an Indigenous woman’s life is all too familiar in our communities.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Violence against Indigenous women is preventable and will end when Indian Nations have the full authority of self-government.

Memorial to Residential School Children
The education system needs to help teachers address, repair and heal education towards and beyond reconciliation.

nativeamericacalling nac
Land stewardship is at the core of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, also known as ANCSA.

Lloyd Goings
When I opened an office of my newspaper in Rapid City back in the 1980s one of my frequent visitors was Lloyd Goings.

Native Vote Indian Country Counts
Today we continue the fight for our rights, until everyone in Indian Country can freely cast their ballot.