Cherokee Nation Election Commission
A strong and effective Cherokee Council means a strong and effective Cherokee democracy.

Cherokee Nation
We must continue to make it a priority for health care to be universally accessible for our citizens.

'Farmington is on Indian Land'
We need to organize and find out why none of these murders have been solved.

Woodland Cultural Centre / Mohawk Institute Residential School
The Akwesasne community demonstrated in the most powerful way its desire to address the terrible effects residential schools have had on the people.

When I was a boy in Rapid City, the only bald-headed men I saw were white men.

Cherokee Nation
A year after McGirt, it remains the most important case in our lifetimes in support of tribal sovereignty in many generations.

Land Back NDN Collective
As Natives, we have endured and survived the most atrocious, violent, and sadistic European immigrant vengeance.

By 1900, 20,000 children were in Indian boarding schools. By 1925, that number had more than tripled, according to the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition.

Wilma Mankiller - 2022 American Women Quarters Program
The late Wilma Mankiller, the first woman to serve as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, was a beacon for girls and women of all ages and all races.

Land Back NDN Collective
There were no Native people seated at the table on July 4, 1776.

Dwight Mission
The history of Native boarding schools in this country is complicated and includes many tragic abuses that must be investigated in depth.

Oyate Wahacanka Woecun
Water is the source of life. If there are ever any threats to our water we need to address them.

Cherokee Tri-Council
When Cherokee people come together, great things happen.

Holy Rosary Mission
I learned that it was not good to be an “Indian.” We were supposed to forget our language and culture.

StrongHearts Native Helpline
Abuse is not okay and it’s not okay to live in fear.

Nick Black Elk and Family
Why did so many tribal people give up their centuries old beliefs and convert to a foreign religion?

Remember the Removal Bike Ride
After more than a year of battling COVID, life is finally getting closer to normal across the Cherokee Nation.

Mohawk Institute Residential School
Give us back our lands so that we might be restored to the embrace of the earth.

Tribes that face threats to their political integrity, economic security, health and welfare may finally be able to exercise authority over non-Indians.

Harold Frazier
This has been a long fight and there is much more to do for our people.

One issue that is in the hearts and minds of Native people today is the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

You go grads. Get ready to carry the torch.

Tim Giago
I am proud of the many newspapers I have published, but it is time for a new generation of Native journalists and editors to take over.

Leonard Crow Dog was a powerful Wicasa Wakan, Holy Man, with a beautiful vision of the Sacred Mystery of the Universe.

Victims should never blame themselves. You are not responsible for the abusive behavior.

The Grand Old Party has turned into a modern day death cult.

We made it through this year, and we will keep getting stronger by working together – gadugi – because that is the Cherokee way.

tomb of the unknown soldier wreath by shayai lucero
The history of Native people and the United States military goes all of the way back to the Revolutionary War.

The Cherokee language has always been the heart and soul of our tribe.

The Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 requires the United States to provide health care to the Sioux Nation.

Harold Frazier
“Native Sovereign Nations have been at the center of America from the beginning,” said Chairman Harold Frazier of the Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Association.

After fifteen years of relentless effort, tribal nations finally succeeded in passing America’s most aggressive and revolutionary climate change policy.

Palestinian people are native and have a right to live freely upon their ancestral lands.

Denying our spiritual practices for more than 100 years has impacted generations of Indian people.

Your body. Your sovereignty. Your decision.

Leaders of the Muscogee Nation are dropping “Creek” from its name as part of a rebranding effort, but not all members are on board with the change.

Abraham Lincoln
My friend was telling me the other day that there is a theory about why, if and when men grow beards.

As Cherokee people, we have raised our children together since time immemorial. Let’s not stray from this Cherokee way of life.

When Donna Gilbert asked me to be a part of her lawsuit, I immediately said yes. After having survived three other lawsuits, I should have been leery.

Publisher Tim Giago has decided to sponsor a National Native American Media Convention on Native American Day in South Dakota.