Court decision kicks Haney out
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First he was in. Then he was out. Then he was back in.

Now he's out.

An appeals panel of a Bureau of Indian Affairs court last night ruled that the leader of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma is not Jerry Haney. Overturning a judge's decision, the Court of Federal Regulations restored elected Principal Chief Ken Chambers, giving him access to tribal funds.

As early as today, the Chambers administration hopes to reopen businesses which were shuttered by Judge Philip Lujan's emergency May 7 decision.

Haney said he would abide by the decision but noted that the BIA still does not recognize Chambers and his council. A federal lawsuit in federal court in Washington, D.C., is aimed at resolving the mess.

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Court reverses ruling on who leads Seminoles (The Daily Oklahoman 5/15)

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