Shoshone land 'not for sale'
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MONDAY, JULY 22, 2002

It started because sisters Carrie and Mary Dann wanted to graze their cattle on public land. It may end with a $140 million payout for 24 million acres of land that was never ceded to the federal government.

The Danns are among a group of Western Shoshone tribal members who refuse to accept money for the land. The land was promised in an 1863 treaty.

The Senate Indian Affairs Committee will hold a hearing August 2 on a bill to disburse the trust fund. Each tribal member would get about $20,000.

Get the Story:
Land Battle Splits Shoshone Nation (The Los Angeles Times 7/22)

Get the Bill:
S. 958, A bill to provide for the use and distribution of the funds awarded to the Western Shoshone identifiable group.