Gaming measures make many promises
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The Arizona Republic takes a critical look at three gaming initiatives being put before state voters.

The paper examines the major provisions of Propositions 200, 201 and 202, all of which authorize continued Indian gaming. Tribes are behind 200 and 202 while the competing racetrack industry drafted 201.

The racetrack proposal touts the most money for the state's coffers in return for video slot machine at racing facilities. But tribes warn that an 8 percent revenue sharing rate might not be approved by the Department of Interior.

The tribal initiatives share gaming money with the state but for particular purposes. Proposition 202, offered by the 17 tribes of the Arizona Indian Gaming Association, mandates a 5.2 average revenue sharing rate.

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Arizona Gaming Proposals (As submitted):
Proposition 200: Yes for Arizona! | Proposition 201: Coalition for Arizona | Arizonans for Fair Gaming & Indian Self-Reliance

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