Interior mails trust fund 'accounting'
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The Department of Interior announced on Thursday it has mailed what is purported to be an accounting of funds for 560 members of Arizona's White Mountain Apache Tribe.

The statements are those for minors, "incompetents" and some incarcerated tribal members, according to the department. They are part of a larger group that will be mailed to a total of 3,000 tribal members.

The Interior admits the project does not approach the complexity of the oil, gas, timber and other royalty-based accounts. A Bush administration plan estimates those funds will be accounted within ten years at a cost of at least $2.4 billion.

The Apache monies are derived from a land settlement fund. The statements come with a lengthy disclaimer and tribal members are expected to call a toll-free number with questions.

The department hopes to shut off challenges to the statements by referring them to the Interior Board of Indian Appeals. U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth in a recent ruling affirmed his need to review any purported accountings.

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