No illegal ballots found in S.D.
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South Dakota attorney general Mark Barnett on Wednesday said there is no evidence of illegal absentee ballots among Indian voters in the state.

Barnett said the 15 ballots under review had forged signatures. But otherwise he said they were cast properly.

Becky Red Earth-Villeda admitted yesterday she signed the ballots. She faces charges next week that could include forgery and theft by deception.

The alleged fraud has drawn widespread attention by the media and the Republican party because of the tight Senate race. A Sioux Falls Argus Leader / KSFY-TV poll shows incumbent Sen. Tim Johnson (D) and Congressman John Thune (R) virtually even.

The Washington Times reports that federal monitors will be present at the polls in South Dakota. The paper does not include the latest information on the fraud investigation, and continues to cite Red Earth-Villeda as responsible for more than 1,700 suspected ballots.

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