Seminole Tribe spent millions freely
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The third day of a trial into alleged theft of funds from the Seminole Tribe of Florida was even more colorful and exciting than the first two, according to news accounts.

Tribal council member David Cypress took the stand and testified that the tribe gave away millions, literally. He spent at least $57 million on friends, family and himself, he said.

"I have no problem with spending money; that's what I've been telling you," Cypress said, as reported by The South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "I bought Lexuses for anyone who asked for one. Give me a [sad] Hank Williams song, and I'll give you one, too."

The details of the freewheeling are seen as undermining the federal government's case against three former employees who worked for ousted chairman Jim Billie, even though Cypress is a government witness, The Miami Herald reported.

Timmy Cox, Dan Wisher and Michael Crumpton are accused of stealing $2.7 million but their defense is they were authorized to spend and so was everyone else.

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