Trial: Seminole worker tried to cut spending
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The fourth day of a trial into alleged theft of funds from the Seminole Tribe of Florida focused on one of the men accused of embezzling $2.7 million, according to news accounts.

Timmy Cox, a close associate of ousted chief Jim Billie, tried to cut back on the reckless spending of tribal leaders, a witness testified. Priscilla Sayen, the tribe's secretary- treasurer, said Cox often came under fire for trying to control the flow of money.

Prior testimony in the trial has shown that each council member received an annual $5 million allocation to spend in whatever manner chosen. But even when the money ran out, a council member could just ask for more.

Cox, Dan Wisher and Michael Crumpton are accused of stealing $2.7 million from the tribe but their defense is they were authorized to spend and so was everyone else.

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