Powell Rice support use of race in admissions
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The two highest-ranking African-Americans in federal government said they don't support President Bush's blanket opposition to the use of race in college admissions.

National security adviser Condoleeza Rice stood behind the Supreme Court briefs the Bush administration submitted last week in the University of Michigan case. But she said race can be used as "one factor" in order to achieve student diversity.

Secretary of State Colin Powell said he supported the school's policy. In 2000, he publicly criticized the Republican Party's long-standing opposition to affirmative action at the GOP national convention.

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Department of Justice Briefs:
Grutter v. Bollinger Supporting Brief | Gratz v. Bollinger Supporting Brief

Bush on Affirmative Action:
Text | Audio | Video

Holdings Below:
GRUTTER v. BOLLINGER, No. 01-1447, 01-1516 (May 14, 2002) | GRUTTER v. BOLLINGER (March 27, 2001)

Relevant Documents:
Supreme Court Docket Sheet No. 02-241 | Brief: Grutter | Brief: University of Michigan

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