Fellow Piestewa unit member rescued in Iraq
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Jessica Lynch, an Army soldier who is a member of the same unit as Lori Piestewa, a Hopi woman considered missing in action, has been rescued.

Lynch was reportedly being held in a hospital near where the 507th Ordnance Maintenance Company was apparently ambushed March 23. She was Piestewa's roommate at Fort Bliss in Texas.

News of the rescue brought added hope to the Piestewa family in Tuba City, Arizona. "It's most definitely good news," Lori's sister, Carlotta, told The Arizona Republic. "Jessica gets to go home. We're so happy for her and her family. And if Jessica made it, I know my sister will make it."

Other missing unit members, including Piestewa, 23, were not in the same hospital or nearby, sources told The Washington Post. Some members of the unit are confirmed prisoners of war and some have been killed.

The Associated Press is now reporting that 11 bodies were recovered in an around the hospital. The military believes them to be Americans.

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