Piestewa: 'When is his mom coming home?'
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Navajo and Hopi communities in northeastern Arizona continue to pray for the safe return of Lori Piestewa, a Hopi solider considered missing in action in Iraq.

Residents of Tuba City, Arizona, where Piestewa grew up say they have been greatly affected. Jennifer Wheeler said her son, Chad, attends school with Piestewa's four-year-old son.

"He goes to Hopi Head Start with Lori Piestewa's son, and he's been saying, 'His mom didn't come home,' and 'When is his mom coming home?'" Wheeler told The Navajo Times.

More than 100 marched last Saturday on the Navajo Nation to support tribal members in the military and Piestewa. Families are relying on each other as their loved ones remain overseas.

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