Readers offer condolences prayers support
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Ed. Note: Indianz.Com can be reached at -- your e-mails will be sent to the Piestewa family. Cards and letters can be mailed to Percy Piestewa, P.O. Box 957, Tuba City, AZ 86045. Flower and other items can also be mailed, care of, to the Tuba City Unified School District, P.O. Box 67, Tuba City, AZ 86045. UPS or FedEx accepted at School District address.

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A Native American Rose
We like to send our greatest comfort to the family of Lori here and forever while in loyal mourning of their own brave warrior. As soon as the news reached our family we couldnt stop our concerns how PRECIOUS this moment is. We didnt' know Lori but as all Native Americans are one under the GREAT SPIRIT. Lori is ours as well. It hits all Natives, it's one of our own we get touched and cry when it hurts. We are PROUD to know she Lori, a Native American Woman, a people of our time that in a blink deserves to be called HERO, Warrior. For all the beautiful song Lori had reached all Native American and we respect who she is ,what she did and Honor Forever her Bravery!

We will see you again great sister Lori - 2 doves, 2 worlds but only 1 you Our Warrior.

Pinto Family and the rest of the Navajo tribe
Gallup N.M.

America's Freedom
We are a family of five - husband and wife and three little girls (two of them being identical twin girls) 3 and 1/2 and one 5 yr. old. We feel for you and imagine the pain you are feeling losing your daughter. Thank you for having your wonderful daughter though, because through her America has "freedom" and continues to thrive with sunshine and beauty. It's people like your daughter who is truly blessed, because she gave so much love to everyone through her bravery. We will say prayers for her well being with God and we wish you strength and comfort at this very hard time for all of you. Please know we care and are thinking of your family, and know you are truly blessed with having had such a wonderful person to call your daughter.


The Bycoskie family
Drew, Danielle, Chloe, Bergen and Elly

Never Forgotten
Our Prayers are with you at this time. We are so grateful and appreciative of Lori and her dedication to her family and country. Know that she is at peace and that she will never be forgotten. God be with you always.

Charles T. Butler (Tuba City, AZ ) & Laurie Butler (Ft. Defiance, AZ)

For Lori and Her Family
We sense a big loss in our lives
One of our sisters leaving us in this lifetime
And our hearts are aching bye your early journey

We see you preparing for WAR
And you look so peaceful, spirited, brave and ready

Leaving your loved ones behind for your country
Is the ultimate sacrifice any individual can make in time of “Freedom”

Your life, Your honor and Your bravery
Will be remembered through songs, prayers and history

We have always defended this country
My people
Your People
Our Indigenous Nations

You have a great journey, Lori Piestewa
And join those who have passed on defending this great country of ours
And may the Creator watch over your love ones

We shall all meet again someday
And we shall not miss one another
No more pain
No more tears
Just plain happiness
With happy tears flowing down upon our smiling faces

We shall miss you
But you’re forever in our thoughts
And will never be forgotten

Mac Jones

Prayers and Thoughts
On behalf of Arapahoe School on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming we send our condolences to the family of Lori Piestewa. We have been keeping updated on the developments and our hearts were saddened when we heard the tragic news. Our prayers and thoughts are with her children and the family during this difficult time.The Creator will welcome her home and watch over all those she left here on Mother Earth.

The Students and Staff
Arapahoe School, Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming

Words of Encouragement
Families in South Dakota followed the stories on Lori and kept her in our prayers. When you received the sad news we wept with you. Those of us with daughters felt the deep sorrow and loss for a young lady, a young mother, a young daughter and granddaughter.

Our prayers continue for her family, her extended family, and for her little children whom we know she loved so very much. She was hand chosen by our Great Spirit to join him. Why Lori? It is not for us to know in this lifetime and can only pray that the void left by her young life taken away from this earthly home will be one day filled with healing.

Amidst the tears and hurt we feel for her family, we are proud of a young soldier woman who went to a far away country so that other people could know what if feels like to have freedoms. What a great deed she did for the world.

Take comfort in knowing that your Native American family across the United States is praying for you and with you and praying that Lori enjoys the beauty she deserves in the new land where she continues to live on.

S Family in South Dakota