Rosebud Sioux Tribe asks BIA to shut down hog farm
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FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2003

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe voted 15-4 last month to ask the Bureau of Indian Affairs to shut down two hog farms that tribal officials and tribal members oppose.

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals held that at least one of the farms can be closed legally. The Supreme Court refused to hear the case when asked by Sun Prairie, the hog farm operator.

Get the Story:
Rosebud tribe seeks hog-farm closure (The Rapid City Journal 4/18)
RST votes to start proceedings to shut down hog farm in Mellette County (RST March 2003)

Get the Case:
ROSEBUD SIOUX TRIBE v. MCDIVITT, No. 00-2468 (8th Cir. April 05, 2002)

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