Ariz. paper profiles Lori Piestewa's short life
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MONDAY, APRIL 21, 2003

Lori Piestewa, the Hopi woman killed in action in Iraq, became pregnant her senior year in high school but that didn't stop her from graduating early and continuing her ROTC program at Tuba City High School in Arizona, according to The Arizona Republic.

Piestewa married Bill H. Whiterock, a Navajo man, that October of 1997, shortly before he joined the Army. After Whiterock completed his training, the young couple moved to Fort Bragg in North Carolina, where Brandon Terry was born in May 1998.

A daughter, Carla Lynn, was born a year later. But problems within the marriage apparently surfaced. Whiterock left the Army in October 2000 and the couple moved back to Tuba City. Except they weren't together anymore.

Just a few months later, in March 2001, Piestewa joined the Army. After basic training and advanced individual training, she ended up at Fort Bliss in Texas, where she met and roomed with Jessica Lynch, who survived the March 23 ambush in the Iraqi desert that claimed the life of Piestewa.

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