Oneida Nation welcomes affirmative action ruling
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The Oneida Nation of Wisconsin said Monday's Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action underscores the continuing need for Indian preference.

The tribe was one of 11 in Wisconsin and Michigan that filed a brief in the case. The tribes are signatories to a treaty that promises education for their children.

The Supreme Court, in two closely split decisions, said the University of Michigan, and schools nationwide, can tailor admissions programs to take race into account.

Get the Story:
Oneidas pleased with Supreme Court ruling (The Green Bay Press-Gazette 6/25)
Indian leaders applaud ruling (The Helena Independent Record 6/25)

Get the Decision:
Grutter v. Bollinger | Gratz v. Bollinger

Oral Arguments:
MP3: Excerpt | Transcript: Grutter v. Bollinger | Transcript: Gratz v. Bollinger | Real Audio: Both Hearings

Amicus Briefs:
Tribes in Michigan and Wisconsin | U-Mich minority student law associations | New Mexico minority bar associations

Relevant Documents:
Supreme Court Docket Sheet No. 02-241 | Brief: Grutter | Brief: University of Michigan | Brief: Department of Justice

Holdings Below:
Appeals Court: GRUTTER v. BOLLINGER, No. 01-1447, 01-1516 (May 14, 2002) | District Court: GRUTTER v. BOLLINGER (March 27, 2001)

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