Senate panel approves Western Shoshone payout bill
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The Senate Indian Affairs Committee on Wednesday approved legislation to distribute a $142 million trust fund to members of the Western Shoshone Nation.

Some Western Shoshone tribal leaders and members support the payout, which is compensation for 23 million acres of land. The money has been sitting in a trust fund account since 1977.

Others oppose the bill, saying their rights to the land were never extinguished. They say it violates the 1836 Treaty of Ruby Valley.

The money will be distributed to members of Western Shoshone tribes in Nevada, California, Utah and Idaho.

Get the Story:
Senate committee OKs payments to tribes (The Las Vegas Review-Journal 7/17)

Relevant Documents:
House Resources Committee: Written Witness Testimony (June 18, 2003)

Get the Bill:
Western Shoshone Claims Distribution Act (H.R.884)

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