Editorial: Sakakawea campaign in trouble
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In an editorial today, The Grand Forks Herald calls Lewis and Clark guide Sakakawea a "heroine in distress" because North Dakota hasn't raised enough money to put a likeness of her in Washington, D.C.

The paper says a campaign to pay for a Sakakawea and son casting in the National Statuary Hall has ony raised $10,000. A December 31 deadline to find $50,000 is fast approaching, reminds the paper.

So get out and support the effort by school children to find the money, says the paper. "It is obvious that the time has come for the inactive schools, plus individuals, civic organizations, service clubs and financial institutions, to step forward with help to bring this campaign to a successful conclusion," the paper writes.

Each state is allowed two representatives in the hall. Since Sakakawea would be featured with her son Pomp, a special waiver had to be obtained.

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Sakakawea: Heroine in distress, due to lagging campaign (The Grand Forks Herald 11/26)

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