Bills target Goshute nuclear
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FEBRUARY 26, 2001

At least three bills targeting a proposed nuclear facility on the Goshute Skull Valley Reservation are expected to make it out of the Utah Legislature on Wednesday.

One bill outlaws high-level nuclear waste altogether. But should the federal government can approve the plan, one bill would require Private Fuel Storag, the consortium of eight private utilities who want to build the facility, to pay $150 billion upfront for accident insurance.

The bill would also impose a 75 percent tax on any individual or company which provides goods or services to the project. It also prohibits Tooele County from providing police, fire or other municipal services to the facility.

Another bill would put $2 million into an economic development fund for the remote and impoverished tribe. The tribe said it wants to host the facility to provide jobs for tribal members and other opportunities.

A third bill would provide $1.6 million to the state to fight waste.

Spokespersons for PFS say the bills probably can't be stopped but that they are unconstitutional.

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