Mont. tribe pushing gas oil development
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JUNE 1, 2001

The Blackfeet Tribe of Montana is in the third year of a five year oil and gas development contract with a company based in Canada.

K2 Energy Corp. says it is eager to tap into tribal lands, which have been identified as containing oil and gas deposits. Up until now, little exploration has been done. A well drilled in 1955 was abandoned due to technical problems.

A regional Environmental Protection Agency administrator had voiced some objections to the tribe's efforts, saying the council should have conducted a environmental impact statement so that others could comment. Cultural resources and the Glacier National Park could be affected, said Montana EPA director John Wardell.

But after a Bureau of Indian Affairs superintendent said the tribe was within its rights, the issue was dropped.

The reservation is part of a larger geographic formation known as the Overthrust Belt. The area has been targeted for development by Secretary of Interior Gale Norton.

The US Geological Survey says a number of oil and gas fields are located on or near the Blackfeet Reservation.

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