Goshute nuclear plan raises ire
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JULY 11, 2000

An agreement by the Skull Valley Band of Goshute in Utah to store nuclear waste on their land has raised the eyebrows of tribal members, environmentalists, and Indian leaders worried about the use of tribal land.

The tribe signed between the tribe, Northern States Power Company, a Minnesota-based company, and a coalition of utility companies known as Private Fuel Storage, calls for the tribe to store radioactive fuel from uclear power on their land until a permanent facility is built.

A public hearing on the plan was recently held in Salt Lake City, where the majority of testimony was in opposition. The tribe wants to use it as an economic venture but tribal members and others have said they are worried by safety and other environmental issues.

Many accuse the companies of taking advantage of the tribe. The tribe has put up its own web site about the project, appearing to detail much of the reasoning behind accepting the deal.

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