Cheney met with failed Enron Corp.
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Vice President Dick Cheney and his aides met with the failed energy company, Enron Corp., six times last year to discuss energy policy, a letter sent to Congress disclosed.

The meetings were held as part of Cheney's national energy task force, according to the White House. Although the meetings continued after the energy policy was released, and one occurred six days before Enron announced a $1.2 billion loss, the company's finances were not discussed, said David S. Addington, counsel to Cheney.

The letter was part of a disclosure made to Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), who has been tussling with Cheney over documents and information of the energy task force.

Enron subsequently filed for bankruptcy. Some of its investors, like the Southern Ute Tribe of Colorado, want the bankruptcy hearings moved from New York to Houston, Texas, where the company is based.

Enron opposes the move.

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