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In The Hoop
JUNE 28, 2001

Welcome to In The Hoop, Indianz.Com's occasional column about assorted Indian issues.

Recognition, Yes! Gaming, No!
Some of America's oldest state recognized tribes are again the subject of federal acknowledgment legislation and they're hoping an anti-gaming provision in the bill will prevent casino foes like Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) from opposing them.

Of course, the six Virginia tribes in question made a similar pledge last year only to be shot down by Mr. Wolf. He said unless the tribes put in writing their pledge, he'd oppose them.

Apparently, they've now done that. And they've also gained the support of six members of the state's Congressional delegation, who yesterday introduced H.R.2345 to recognize Chickahominy Tribe, the Eastern Chickahominy Tribe, the Upper Mattaponi Tribe, the Nansemonds Tribe, Rappahannock Tribe and the Monacan Nation.

So will Wolf support their efforts? In The Hoop would love to tell you, but ever since a member of Wolf's staff hung up the phone on Indianz.Com for having the audacity to question how the Congressman's recent bill is supposed to "help" Indians, we've been reluctant to contact them.

We've too busy trying to discredit White reporters anyway. We're a gaming tribe, remember? But in any event, we'll keep you updated on the Virginia business.

Gov. Jim Gilmore, chairman of the Republican National Committee also opposed last year's federal recognition bill, by the way.

Speaking of the GOP, they've distributed flash cards to lawmakers so they can know what to say about President Bush's national energy policy while they're on vacation next week.

You know, the ones that say things like: "Of the 19 million acres in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, only around 2,000 acres would be affected. That is an area roughly the size of (small town, airport or other 2,000-acre area in Member's district.)"

So in the interest of fostering public knowledge on the issue, In The Hoop is offering the GOP our services to come up with more such talking points. Here's our list of real, actual quotes said by Republicans:

"The only Native Alaskans I can find that are really opposed to [ANWR] are the Gwich'ins, most of who are Canadian citizens, not American citizens."

"We're dependent on OPEC and we're giving money now to Saddam Hussein who is shipping more money over here than he did before the war and he's re-arming with the American money we are giving him that someday may be buying arms that are going to kill more Americans."

"If we can maintain the caribou herd at the same time we tap resources, maybe we can fulfill the wishes of all parents."

"Republicans are for cold beer and hot girls."

Message: The GOP cares.

Gratuitous Plug
In The Hoop hasn't been this excited to go to the movies since The Goonies came out. But we can hardly contain ourselves in anticipation of tomorrow's opening of Pootie Tang, the new movie from comedian Chris Rock and company.

If you don't know who Mr. Tang is, we suggest you cappa tappa on the lamma tide. Siiii-Eeeeeeeee!!!!!

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