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In The Hoop
JUNE 5, 2001

Welcome to In The Hoop, Indianz.Com's occasional column about assorted Indian issues.

Who does your PR, again?
In The Hoop thought it was hard to get a hold of J.Lo's ever changing publicity team but in fact, its the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs and outgoing Chairman Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-Colo.) who take the cake.

Back in the days, a certain person used to handle the job quite well. But ever since he left Campbell's office under mysterious circumstances its been easier getting the Senator booked on Good Morning America than it is to get him to talk about Indian affairs.

If you call the Committee, they refer you to Campbell's office. If you call Campbell's office, guess where they refer you?

We know this can't be blamed on today's power shift as the run-around has been going on for months. We only hope Senator Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) does a better job.

I might be your PR, but...
So, the Tigua Tribe's gaming case did not make it to the Supreme Court, to the delight of the state of Texas. Indianz.Com did speak with their public relations people yesterday, but it turns out they were more interested in discussing a certain article on the web site than this once newsworthy issue.

As for the comment on the case, we are still waiting.

Troubled PR
Speaking of press, could it get any worse for Venture Catalyst Incorporated?

After riding the Indian gaming wave to its fullest, the market for their services has apparently bottomed out. First, they "refocused" all their efforts on California tribes. The strategy doesn't appear to have paid off, though, as their stock closed at a rather low 40 cents on the NASDAQ on Monday.

Now, they have formed a special committee of "independent directors to explore strategic alternatives with a view to maximizing shareholder value." In other words, "We are ditching our current plan for something that might actually generate cash."

But CEO Don Speer says: "While the special committee is charged with exploring options to increase shareholder value, management will continue to execute on our business plan to build the business, conserve capital and control expenses."

So where is the alleged NewsDude to explain the intricacies of gaming when we need him? In The Hoop certainly hopes he and the rest of VCAT's group of "Native American Relationships" don't suffer a delisting of their own.

VCAT has until August 6 to increase their stock value by 200 percent or face being kicked off the 'daq.

Indian Museum for Rent!
Are you thinking about having a bash in Manhattan? Well it looks like the National Museum of the American Indian is available for pre-prom parties, at least according to "So That's Where AOL Membership Fees Go" in the June 11 edition of New York Magazine.

Indianz.Com should have held its launch party there, but instead we chose Moomba. What were we thinking? We can hear concerned party planners asking "Is it true that you provide authentic Indians to liven up the atmosphere or is that an extra charge?"

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