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TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2001

Welcome to In The Hoop, Indianz.Com's occasional column about assorted Indian issues.

On The Warpath
Word on the street is that a certain Indianz.Com Diva -- none too pleased about the coverage she has received in the press lately -- has been targeting a number of government employees for her media mishaps.

Apparently worried about leaks within her agency, the Diva has called on various suborderlings to explain how various news publications divulged some of her recent activities, thoughts and ministrations. In The Hoop doesn't know how far she may take this (Mona Infield anyone?) but we'll be sure to let you know as soon as someone is fired, sent home or gets shipped to the National Park Service.

Who is The Weakest Link?
Speaking of sieves, former members of the Clinton administration are still harping about an alleged mole, or moles, at the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

In what some might say is a classic attempt at deflection (President Reagan anyone?), former Acting Assistant Secretary (for all of three or so weeks) Michael Anderson told Indian Country Today this week that leaks at the Branch of Acknowledgment and Research, the staff which handles federal recognition, should be investigated.

In The Hoop would venture a guess as to the identity of the alleged moles but that would ruin our chances of interviewing him, oops, we mean her.

You are the Weakest Link!
Now that former Chief Information Officer Dom Nessi has left the BIA, does this mean that the agency's audaciously-colored web site for which he was responsible will get the boot too?

While hopeful, BIA sources say not likely. Even though it took Nessi months to unveil the site, it may take many more before it goes away. Assistant Secretary Neal McCaleb's first priority on the issue will be hiring a replacement for Mr. Nessi, not redesigning the site, which is said to have caused seizures in children as far away as Japan.

But at least the quick-thinking staff at the BIA purged Nessi's biography from the CIO page as soon as they got word he moved offices. Luckily, In The Hoop saved a copy which we will use for future reference. Call us packrats.

Hey, speaking of web sites on the verge of a nervous breakdown, remember Code Talk? It was pitched as a federal portal for all things Indian but this Nessi brain-child appears to have had as much success as TAAMS. At least there's link to Indianz.Com, so we can't really complain.

Market Madness
In case you aren't aware, the 80th Annual Santa Fe Indian Market (brought to you by thousands of artists, Barbara Walzer and the good folks at SWAIA) is taking place August 18 and 19 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. (Where else?)

Besides the art, among the weekend's highlights are the National Museum of the American Indian's first Native film festival. Bits of "Skins," starring Adam Beach (Ed. Note: Inuit actor Eric Schweig stars, not Beach.), will be shown and "Doe Boy," which recently won some water award, is being screened as well. The film festival takes place August 15-19.

When it comes to music, you'll want to hang with the Institute of the American Indian Arts for their benefit show featuring none other than Indigenous. Indianz.Com recently caught three (!) of their on the East Coast and after more than a year on the road, the Yankton Sioux family from South Dakota still has the magic. (You can view a close-up of the image you saw on the front page.)

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, tickets for the Friday, August 17, show can be purchased at Get your VIP seats and you'll get to go to the after-party!

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