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In The Hoop
JULY 7, 2001

Welcome to In The Hoop, Indianz.Com's occasional column about assorted Indian issues.

In The Hoop: The Scorecard
Indianz.Com was on vacation for much of the week but that doesn't mean we don't have an opinion on the newsmakers of the week. Here's In The Hoop's regular list of the movers and shakers in Indian Country and beyond.

The Winners
Neal McCaleb - For being confirmed by the Senate so quickly. Now Auntie Gale won't be so lonely over at the Interior Department!

The makers of "20 Plus" - For finally making a film about everyday 20-something Indians. Oops. Wrong Indians.

The State of Florida - For complaining loud enough about off-shore oil and gas development that Secretary of Interior Gale Norton scaled back plans to drill off your coast.

Former imprisoned Navajo Nation President Peter MacDonald - For looking so young and vibrant when we ran into you the other day. The reports of your poor health have been greatly exaggerated.

Prairie Dogs - Farmers love you! Tribes love you! Navajos love you!

Indian Country Tomorrow - For providing holiday laughs to government employees, even the ones who have been exiled to their home by BIA Chief Information Officer Dom Nessi.

The Losers
Neal McCaleb - For being confirmed by the Senate so quickly. Now you'll have to do some work over at the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Arizona Casinos - For operating illegally all these years, so says a federal judge. Who knew?

The Associated Press - For running a story about the Oglala Lakota Tribe's talking head. In The Hoop wants to know what the Oglala Sioux arm thinks.

Lazy Indians - For caring about mascots instead of working. White people always say the nicest things.

The Department of Treasury - For being hit with 1,001 questions from the trust fund plaintiffs. Good luck, Secretary O'Neill!

Indian Arts and Crafts Act - For being too vague that federal prosecutors can't use you to go after someone selling fake Indian goods.

Fort Berthold Dialysis Center - For being cited for health violations by the state of North Dakota.

In The Middle
Neal McCaleb - For being confirmed by the Senate so quickly. Too bad it cut your Fourth of July holiday short. Congratulations, anyway!

In Your Hoop
Who were your winners and losers? Email us and let us know. You might be published here! Email In the Hoop.

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