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In The Hoop

Welcome to In The Hoop, Indianz.Com's occasional column about assorted Indian issues.

A Matter of Trust
Is the tide turning against the Department of Interior in trust responsibility cases? Judging by a recent federal appeals court decision that paves the way for the Navajo Nation to receive what may be $600 million in damages for a bad lease negotiated with Peabody Coal, the answer is yes.

In the past three months, tribes have prevailed in case where the government claimed it had no trust obligations. Combined with the monumental Cobell v. Norton debacle, tribes and American Indians might finally get the money they deserve.

Just don't ask Kevin "I have less than $25 in my trust account / TAAMS Works / I Have a Nickname and you don't Mike A." Gover to take care of the funds. If you believe (and just who doesn't? The paper is wicked awesome!) a certain reporter from The Boston Globe, the former Assistant Secretary doesn't even know how he's being paid since being hired at Steptoe & Johnson.

(Does he know his colleagues were the ones who beat the Navajo Nation hotel tax? Or that a partner is spearheading anti-Indian gaming in Arizona? So many questions, so little time.)

But at least we have an idea of the size of Gover's retainer fee. Thanks, White Reporter for answering the questions Indian Country is dying to know!

Indianz.Com On The Road
Indianz.Com will be on the road tomorrow, traveling to one of our favorite events of the year. No, not the annual Fat Boys convention, but the 80th Annual Santa Fe Indian Market.

Anybody who's anybody (except Assistant Secretary Neal McCaleb -- he just wants to kick it in DC after he returns from traveling all over the Southwest) will be in Santa Fe this weekend for the arts show. But not everybody will be doing what

So if you're anybody who's anybody, this is where you'll be:
  • Friday 8pm: The Institute of American Indian Arts benefit concert featuring Indigenous. Get your tickets at
  • Friday Midnight: The VIP Chris Eyre "Skins" Fashion show at the Paramount. Will Mato Nanji try to get up close and personal with the Love Monster like he did during last year's NAMMYs? And what will Irene Bedard be wearing? Will Mr. Eyre get into a fight with a certain former "B" movie actress? Or will she be avoiding Indians like smallpox?
  • Saturday Day: Shopping at Indian Market.
  • Saturday Afternoon: Relaxation at 10K Waves. What Indian celebrity will you see first? Our bets are on Robert Mirabal. Or possibly Star Nayea.
  • Saturday 9pm: Pilar Agoyo / Virgil Ortiz / Terren Otis / Brenda "I just Married Harlan" McKosato Fashion Show at the Paramount. Call 505.982.8999 for details.
  • Sunday: Sleep in.
  • Sunday Evening: Shrimp dinner at Ohkay Casino, SJP.
  • Sunday Night: Indian Market After Party, Location TBA.

    See you there!

    NAC Goes to Market
    Speaking of Harlan McKosato, he will be broadcasting Native America Calling live from Santa Fe on Thursday and Friday. Filmmakers Chris Eyre and Shirley Cheechoo will be on Thursday's show to discuss Natives in cinema.

    Artist / mascot activist Charlene Teters, Fritz Scholder and National Museum of the American Indian Director Rick West will be on Friday's show to talk about Native artists.

    In Your Hoop
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