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In The Hoop

Welcome to In The Hoop, Indianz.Com's occasional column about assorted Indian issues.

In The Hoop: Pop Quiz
Here at In The Hoop, we thought we'd institute a new feature to test our reader's "Indian IQ." How well have you been paying attention to the recent happenings in Indian Country? Test your knowledge with our Pop Quiz and find out!

1. What former government official wants his own hip-hop nickname to complement his best friend / former partner-in-crime / carpool buddy?
a) Dom "MC FireWall" Nessi
b) Michael "Can you touch a rainbow? Such is Michael!" Anderson
c) Bill "Harlem Shuffle" Clinton
d) Bruce "B-Boy" Babbitt

2. What current government official thinks there are leaks all around her, but the only one who is leaking is her?
a) NIGC Vice-Chair Liz Homer
b) EPA Administrator Christie Whitman
c) BIA Deputy Commissioner Sharon Blackwell
d) all of the above

3. What non-profit organization has decided to publicize their activities now that their grant is over?
d) NWA

4. What lobbying firm has very close ties to a government agency, but is loathe to acknowledge them?
a) Forrest, Bubba, Gump & Akins
b) Stepit & Fetchit
c) Preston, Ledyard & Stonington
d) none of the above

5. What popular radio show staff always handles phone calls with ease but can't seem to coordinate their Internet initiatives?
a) The Rush Limbaugh Show
b) The Howard Stern Show
c) The Dr. Laura Show
d) Native America Calling

6. What lawmaker is interestingly enamored with Indian Country even though his state has little to do with Indian issues?
a) Rep. Frank Wolf, Republican of Virginia
b) Rep. Nick Rahall, Democrat of West Virginia
c) Rep. Frank Pallone, Democrat of New Jersey
d) Rep. Chris Shays, Republican of Connecticut

In Your Hoop
If you think you know any of the answers, you might really be In The Hoop! Email In the Hoop and let us know.

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