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In The Hoop

Welcome to In The Hoop, Indianz.Com's occasional column about assorted Indian issues.

We're Back
It's been more than two weeks since September 11's terrorist attacks and just as long since our last column. But as the nation goes from mourning to mobilization, In The Hoop is once again moving and shaking!

In case you were wondering, everyone related to Indianz.Com is fine. A couple of staff members, unable to travel via plane or train, were stranded in Boston due to the attacks and were forced to take refuge in a high-priced hotel.

Don't ask us how, but a fake bomb scare, a quick trip to Foxwoods and a $12 kettle of tea later, they emerged from the week unscathed. It seems many others did the same, like Navajo Nation President Kelsey Begaye and crew, all of whom hopped in a car and drove 30 hours from Washington, DC, to Arizona.

Do you think Avis rented them a rez car? Inquiring minds want to know.

The National Museum of the American Indian in lower Mahattan would also appear to be on the road to recovery. According to director Rick West, a quick-thinking worker closed the vents to the building before the staff evacuated, thus protecting the priceless exhibits housed at the George Gustav Heye Center.

Indian Country's Response
The showing of support from Indian Country in the form of money, goods and services is certainly something everyone in the nation be proud of. Having known terror first hand, tribes have donated willingly and graciously to help America recover.

That being said, In The Hoop doesn't really think it's necessary to send out regular, or otherwise daily, press releases affirming your support. You know who you are. We're watching.

Thinking of You
Congress may not have Indian Country on its mind right now but at least one past member does. After reading a recent issue of Parade Magazine that focused on the trust fund debacle, Paul Simon -- one-time presidential candidate, former Senator and proud wearer of bow ties -- wrote a letter to Elouise Cobell to praise her efforts.

Had he stayed in the Senate, Simon wrote on September 11, "I would have investigated this whole matter carefully." He continued: "I applaud what you're doing and I hope it can lead to a real overhaul of what is clearly an abuse."

No word if Secretary of Interior Gale Norton plans to write her own letter to Parade or Cobell. You can read the Parade feature on the Cobell v. Norton website, by the way.

In Your Hoop
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