Canadian Indian faces eagle conviction
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A Canadian man from the Salish First Nation of British Columbia is facing up to 9 years in prison and $45,000 in fines as he goes to trial today for allegedly violating eagle protection laws.

U.S. law prohibits transport and sale of eagle parts and feathers. Terry Antoine is alleged to have smuggled at least 120 bald and golden eagle carcasses into the U.S. from Canada.

Antoine's lawyer claims he was giving them to tribes, who are allowed exemptions to possess eagle feathers and parts. There is currently a long waiting period for federally recognized tribes and tribal members to receive eagle feathers and parts from the federal government.

Since Antoine is being tried in federal court in Washington, which is in the 9th Circuit, his case has the potential to affect a set of disputes elsewhere. The 10th Circuit and the 8th Circuit are both considering the eagle protection laws amid challenges from non-federally recognized tribal members and non-Indians.

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