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AUGUST 24, 2000

The US Department of Interior and Department of Justice yesterday released the draft "Report on the Reconciliation Process Between the Federal Government and Native Hawaiians."

The report is part of the ongoing reconciliation process with Native Hawaiians. That process officially began when Congress passed the Apology Resolution in 1993, in which the United States apologized for the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy in 1893.

Another step was taken when public meetings between the Native Hawaiian community and the Departments of Interior and Justice were held in December of 1999.

Noting that the government has a precedent in upholding the rights Native Americans and Alaskan Natives to self-determination and self-government, the report makes several recommendations on establishing a relationship between the United States and Native Hawaiians:

  • Congress should enact legislation to safeguard and enhance Native Hawaiian self-determination over their lands, cultural resources, and internal affairs and to create a government-to-government relationship with a Native Hawaiian governing body
  • The Department of Interior should create a special office within the Bureau of Indian Affairs to deal with Native Hawaiian issues
  • The Department of Justice should assign the Office of Tribal Justice to work with the Native Hawaiian community
  • A Native Hawaiian Advisory Commission should be created to consult with the Interior over land management in Hawaii
  • The Executive Branch, Congress, the state of Hawaii, and Native Hawaiians should work together to continue the ensure true reconciliation, given the government's "less than honorable" history

The public is encouraged to comment on the report, focusing on these recommendations. All comments must be received within 30 days of August 23.

Send comments to:
Assistant Secretary John Berry
c/o Document Management Unit
Department of Interior
1849 C Street, NW, Mailstop-7729
Washington, DC 20240
Fax: (202) 208-3230 or (202) 219-1790 or (202) 219-1989

Email is welcome, but the Departments ask that a written copy of the email be sent as well. Send email to or

Get the Report:
Report on the Reconciliation Process Between the Federal Government and Native Hawaiians (PDF 209k) (Dep. of Interior, Dep. of Justice. August 2000)

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