McCaleb: Tribes have right to tax base
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JUNE 4, 2001

Stepping into a touchy area in state-tribal relations as well as one in his own past as a state lawmaker, Bureau of Indian Affairs nominee Neal McCaleb said Oklahoma's tax compacts are a good model of revenue sharing among governments.

Some tribal leaders have criticized McCaleb for how he handled a taxation dispute between tribes and the state in the wake of a Supreme Court decision favoring the Chickasaw Nation, his own tribe. McCaleb introduced a bill to tax the tribe and later worked out fuel compacts with 28 tribes.

While some communities complain about tribal businesses drawing tax revenue away, others say their influence has been positive. Officials in Durant, where the Choctaw Nation is based, say the tribes' businesses have created jobs.

The tribe itself contributes money to local communities as does the Chickasaw Nation.

Local lawmakers are trying to pass legislation to make tribal businesses collect state sales tax or lose their trust land.

The Daily Oklahoman has been running a number of articles about tribal taxation and economic development issues.

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