Tigua casino gets reprieve
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Overturning a federal judge's order to shut down a casino operation by November 30, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals today has given the Tigua Tribe of Texas more time to appeal its case.

The court gave the tribe a stay and set a court date of January 9 to hear an appeal.

The state has been trying to shut down the Speaking Rock Casino for years. Attorney General John Cornyn finally won when a federal judge in September agreed with him.

U.S. District Judge Garnet T. Eisele said the tribe's operation was illegal. He subequently refused to reconsider his decision and refused to allow the tribe to keep the casino open while on appeal.

The appeals court action today overturned Eisele's most recent order to shut down by Friday.

In the past, the 5th Circuit refused to force Texas into negotiating a Class III gaming compact with the tribe.

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