Shredding reported despite probe
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A former executive of failed energy giant Enron said on Monday that document shredding was taking place as recently as last week despite the company being under a federal investigation.

Maureen Castaneda, former director of foreign exchange and sovereign risk management, has various news media that she witnessed document destruction. But the company knew the Securities Exchange Commission was investigating. last fall.

If true, the action could prove damaging, according to Congressional investigators who are holding hearings. The Department of Justice might bring criminal charges.

Arthur Andersen, who was Enron's auditor up until last week, was also shredding documents despite the notice of investigation. Andersen is taking a major role in the historical accounting of the Individual Indian Money (IIM) trust.

Congressional appropriators and senior Department of Interior officials were not entirely happy with the company's time-limited accounting of the tribal trust.

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