Tigua Tribe set to close casino
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Latest: The Supreme Court today refused to grant a stay to allow the casino to remain open. The Court acted on a tribal request for a stay only, and not to hear an appeal of the actual decision to close the casino.

Unless an act of miracle or act of court comes through, the Tigua Tribe of Texas is set to close its Speaking Rock Casino this week.

The official closing date is today, per a court mandate. How that will actually be accomplished is anyone's guess.

The closure will put more than 700 people out of work. It will also shut off a significant source of income for the tribe, whose recognition was terminated by the federal government and handed over to the state of Texas.

After the tribe's status was restored, it opened the casino in 1993. Since then, the casino has helped to increase employment and drive down poverty.

The tribe has asked the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider its decision and plans on asking the Supreme Court to hear its case.

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